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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What will student orientation look like and which students does this include?

A: Orientation will occur the week of August 31st to September 4th. This will include all students that will be in person learning or hybrid. We will provide a schedule soon that will detail when students are to attend in person that week. 

Q: Is the 100% remote option available for all grade levels?

A: Yes, all students at Arvada K-8 will be able to be remote. 

Q: If you're staying remote after Sept 8th will there be guidance on learning expectations for those students?

A:Yes, as a district these expectations have been made more clear and Arvada K-8 is defining this even more clearly. 

Q: I initially opted for online, now leaning towards hybrid.  How do we notify of our choices?

A: There will be new surveys coming out and you have time to change your mind.

Q: If you opt for 100% remote, will there be an option later in the school year to change to in person if virus cases go down?  A: We will work with families on an individual basis, but many students that wish to change from remote to in person will be transitioned at natural breaks in the year (i.e. trimester, Fall Break, etc.)

Q: If my child has asthma will they have to wear a mask?

A: You will need to communicate with your pediatrician and a plan will be put in place.

Q: Can students bring their own hand sanitizers and use them as often as they want?

A: Yes

Q: How do I reset my Jeffco Connect Password?

A: Call the main school line at 303-982-1240 and our enrollment secretary will support you.

Q: For Middle School students, will class schedules be the same for remote or hybrid if we decide to switch plans? A: As of right now we are still working on schedules for Middle School students. However, our number one priority is keeping students safe and in cohorts.

Q: Can you clarify what synchronous and asynchronous learning means? A: Synchronous learning is when everyone is learning the same content at the same time. Asynchronous learning is when learning in different contents is happening at different times in the day.

Q: If we are new to Arvada K-8 how do we get a device? A: We will be communicating a process on how new students will receive a device soon.

Q: How are IEP’s addressed in hybrid?

A: This is the FAPE that we are providing. We will examine students IEP’s and how to best meet their goals. Families can always request a meeting to discuss this further and plan accordingly. 

Q: What will Friday’s look like for Middle School Students during the hybrid time frame? A: Fridays will be 100% remote. It will be expected that students still do and complete all necessary work assigned for that day.

Q: So if students have an appointment how do we get our student? A: There will be no visitors or family members allowed in our building until further notice. If your student has an appointment please ring the front doorbell and our secretaries will request your student's name and have your student meet you outside of the building.

Q: For families that have a middle school students that walk to school with their younger siblings are they no options for full time in person learning for those older students? A: At this moment we do not have any full time in person learning for Middle School students until further notice. However, on September 8th we will begin to implement our hybrid model for Middle School students.

Q: Is hybrid learning expected to move to 100% in person eventually this school year? A: Our hope is that we will get to 100% in person learning.

Q: How should we plan for school supplies for hybrid students? Will there be lists? A: There are school supplies listed on our website. Please contact us if there are barriers to getting school supplies.

Q: How will students do P.E. and art online? A: All of our elective teachers will be posting assignments for students to complete.

Q: There will not be after school clubs, is that correct? A: We are still in the planning process of trying to provide after school clubs.

Q: I still have my 8th graders Chromebook, what do I do with it? A: 8th grade students that are moving onto 9th grade will turn their Chromebook in to the high school that they will be attending. If you find it easier to drop it off at Arvada K-8 please call us to arrange a time.

Q: Should I expect a Special Education teacher to reach out to me regarding my son's IEP? A: Yes, a Special Education teacher will reach out to students on IEP's and their families.

Q: Do you want families who know they don't qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch to still apply for free/reduced lunch? A: Yes, please.

Q: What date will the staff start working at the school? When could I call the school prior to school starting for any questions that may come up? A: You may begin calling now! Staff is here and ready to support!

Q: How do we get in to the new google classrooms for new classes? A: We will be sending out communication soon on how to support students and families.

Q: Do the kids attend in person orientation or on line? A: It will be in person.

Q: How many students in each group? A: This depends on how many students sign up for in person learning or remote learning.

Q: What will the school hours be? A: Our school hours will be 8:00-3:00 p.m.

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